Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today is the worst day I had, I never had this feeling before, I stayed strong, I tried, but my heart is as fragile as bean curd. Remember the day I started to fall on you. It's amazing, I never forget the feeling, never! Remember the day we started to be together? I don't know. I love the way we started, I don't think there is any couple in this world started like us. Remember the moment we hugged each other? Remember the moment we took pictures together? Remember the moment we kissed each other? Remember the moment we talked on the phone? Remember the moment we sang together on the phone? Remember the moment we sat beside each other in front of the locker? Remember the moment we walked together in the school? Remember the moment you hold my hand? All these are becoming memories in my mind.

I will never forget how caring are you, I will never forget the moment we had fun, I will never forget the moment on webcam. Will you? I love you more than anyone else do.

I am sorry if I did anything that hurt you before, sorry for everything.

You know? I made a new friend that's you, slowly, this new friend became a best friend of mine, we talked through the phone everyday, she became my light, slowly, she became my crush, and now, she became my reason of living. This girl, had become everything to me. She had shown me, life was worth fighting for. She had taught me to smile, taught me to be confident. In the end, we feel in love, both of us spent our remaining school years together, after the school ended, the girl was sad. She was afraid of not being able to see me again. I said, we will stay in contact, and see each other as much as possible but the girl had a lot of problems coming out because of her family, I don't mind, as long as I know, I love her, nothing's gonna change my love for her. Somehow, whenever you said 'I Love You' I felt better although we're not meeting each other that often.

The best thing, we have never fight before, none.

Because of some issues, we broke off, Valentine's Day is coming, I am so gonna miss her, I swear, I'll be there for her whenever she need me, I swear, I will never forget her. Tears are all over my face. I think that's enough for me. I do hope she can do great for her SPM this year. It's been a perfect estimated 527 days with her, really appreciate the love she gave me, appreciate everything she did to me, appreciate every support she gave me whenever I feel down. I love you.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Kinda nervous

College starts tomorrow :/ I am happy but also nervous at the same time. College life :O How it will be? New class? New friends? New teachers? I don't know but I am so PANIC!

I gotta sleep early today, I don't think I'll get use to it. I hope I don't overslept :| That's what happened to me during form 5.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


I don't know what to post about :/ Today was boring as usual, Online, TV then Football. Normal life :/

By the way, Amali tomorrow :D Hope the teacher is fun, going to bed really soon. BAI!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I got 43/50 :D Lucky much?

HAHAHA Who cares! As long as I passed mann :D My primary school mate Mei Zhuen, we took the test at the same time, guess what? SHE GOT 50/50 :O

Seriously! I stun for few seconds

That's not pure luck! She's a nerd!

Few more steps to go and I'll get my car license (: Taking Amali with Mei Zhuen by this week. Wish me luck for not getting a boring teacher weih :/

Sunday, January 9, 2011

First STRESS of year 2011


This is my first stress after my SPM! You know what? Undang test tomorrow :( I'm not fully prepared yet. i have to finish 500 questions? Hell no, I'm going to skip Section A and only go for Section B and C.

Tonight is not going to be a good night. I'll be extremely happy after I get my L mann!

Alright wait for my good news (: Baii!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Year 2005 6H Gathering

This is the largest primary gathering I've ever been to. It's been 5 years and now we've changed a lot.

I met a lot of friends that I never meet before after primary 6. Feeling awkward and don't know what to chat about. We had fun having BBQ at Jia Sheng's house. The sad part is we couldn't watch the B-Boys show off their skills :/

Here are some photos I stole from FB (:

This gang is funny :D LMAO sitting with Chan Thing (The giant) :D

Crystal, the one who was sitting beside me during primary 6 (:


And here is the whole gang, not all because the others couldn't make it for that night :|

Anyways, I do hope I can meet the whole 6H classmates in the future (:

Extremely exhausted and tired

A last minute decision -.- Yesterday night I went to Blitz with the friends.

Until 10 something when we got bored, we decided to go KLIA to meet Gan before he flies to UK.

Yes I am so gonna miss the GIANT soo much :'(

Not only Gan, one of my best friend Khye Shyang is also on the same flight with Gan. I said goodbye and wished him as well. He's been a very good friend and football teammate to me when I was form 1,2 and 3.

After that, it's like 1.30am, guess what? We went back to Blitzone again -.- We played until 7.30am. What a freak right? Crazy much?

Oh Maa Gadd, you don't know what we gonna do mann. After that we went to park and played -.-

When I got home I got scolded by my mom -.- That's all.

But anyways (: I had fun with bunch of the monkeys :D